Diary of a happy shopper!


Posted on October 9, 2012 at 3:05 AM

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are left without a dime in your pocket to pay your way back home? Well, that will be my story shopping at the Westfield mall in Stratford, the official mall for the 2012 London Olympics!

It’s that embarrassing situation where you get to the train station and your oyster card blinks red so you can’t go through. And then you join the queue to top up your card and it’s not until it gets to your turn that you realized that you are totally out of cash! You dig into your purse, nothing; your pocket, nothing! The impatient moaning of those behind you on the queue jolts you back to consciousness and so like a child whose loaf of bread just got snatched by bingo, you walk away from the machine, yet without a clue on how to get back home!

You probably get the drift now. Okay, there I stand with loads of shopping bags yet without a pound in my pocket. Asking a passerby for money isn’t my thing. And with my hands full of heavy shopping bags, I don’t think I stand a chance for anybody’s consideration! I am disturbed. Then it hit me… I can return the long dress I picked up from the Indian shop! After all, it doesn’t sit well on my shoulders. On impulse, I march toward the shop.

But to my horror, a sign above the payment counter reads ‘no exchange or refund’. Oh, this silly sign! You didn’t seem to be up there when I came in here earlier, I thought to myself. Under normal circumstances, I would turn back but considering my present predicament, I urge on. I make my mission known to the guy at the till and he smiles at me telling me of their no exchange or refund policy. Goodness! If only this guy would just corporate… I wonder to myself ‘so this is it’, I might just start the long walk back home at this point. But trekking for one and a half hour with hands full of heavy shopping bags isn’t a cup cake. So I tell the guy that I didn’t see the sign at the time of purchase. Guy wouldn’t bulge rather he smirks even broader. That enrages me! So I launch into the tirade of pointing out to him that their so called policies should have been written on the back of their receipt; that they should have the sign in a more conspicuous area; that the policy is unfair because shops like H&M and Debenhams have decent policies that allow exchange or refund for up to twenty eight days after purchase. Guy isn’t moved. At this point however, my raised voice was beginning to attract other customers- just what I detest with passion; creating a scene anywhere! But at this point, it no longer matters to me. I just need to get back home somehow. So I brandish the two large bags filled with items I bought from there stressing how unfair to customers their policies are; not even a refund on a single item out of loads!

Two other customers come to my side and say whatever… the scene I didn’t want to create is happening before my very eyes! Then I thought to leave before a bigger crowd forms. As a last resort however, I lean slightly forward and promise the guy that the store had just lost a customer and that I’m sure many more would follow. I guess that did it! Perhaps not wanting to justify my ranting to other customers, the guy snatches the dress from me and instantly gives me a refund!

Now, that was unbelievable! But it did happen; I got some bucks to pay my way back home! Immediately, I hurried out of the store avoiding everybody’s eyes. Till I got home, I never looked back for any reason.


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