About DADA stores

DADA stores is the retail division of Design And Dream Arts (DADA) Enterprises, established in 2011. We engage in the production and retail of books, arts and crafts, gift and personal items. We offer quality craftsmanship through unique designing and production of affordable eco-friendly and ethnic items such as bags, wallets, clutches, bangles, mats, pen holders etc. using eco-friendly and ethnic materials, available for personal use or promotional purposes. 

DADA Stores also engages in sales events, promotions, marketing communications and other activities geared at filling the retail gap in cultural production and creative enterprise.

Established in 2008, DADA is an enterprise with interests in film, publishing and other related media, promoting research and development in design and the arts, advancing creative production along innovative lines and bringing more Nigerian artists and designers and their works to global reckoning.

Our publishing imprint (DADA books) publishes literary titles while our design consultancy (DADA studios) offers design solutions in architecture, set design and graphic design....welcome to our world!